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Please use this Contact Us page only to inquire about any questions you may have related to only this website (technical issues etc), but do not use this page if you have any neurology or health related questions.

If you have any neurology, or other health related questions etc then with great pleasure we inform you that our website is associated with "Just Answer" (also called as "Pearl") which is the largest Question & Answer website in the world where you can fetch answers to your neurology, non-neurological health questions, or any other questions over the internet. This internet company is located in USA and based on the facts & evidences it is the most popular internet Question & Answer site in the world. The Experts who will answer your questions are verified by a well known 3rd party and are chosen only after a thorough background check of their education, experience, credentials and licenses. Those who wish to get highly reliable and quick answers to their neurology, other health, or even non-health questions please access the home page of this website and click on the weblink provided there and it will take you directly to the question box.

Use this 'Contact Us' page (the box below) to reach us if you have any queries, suggestions or comments about this website. We will get back to you as soon as possible. For neurology or other health questions use the Just Answer Link provided in the homepage as mentioned above. If you have any questions or comments or suggestions about this website then simply scroll down this page until you see a message box; fill in the basic info and then in the message box write any questions or comments you may have about this website and then click on the submit button.

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Please proceed below (once again please do not use the below box to ask any neurology or health related questions instead use the link provided in the home page for those questions).

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From Contact Us page if you want to reach Home Page of this website

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