diagram of brain

The below diagram of brain shows how the brain appears when it is viewed from its sides.

Brain Picture

You could see the cerebral hemispheres, cerebellum (C) & brain stem (B).

The Cerebral hemisphere is divided into four lobes;

* Frontal Lobe (F)
* Parietal Lobe (P)
* Temporal Lobe (T)
* Occipital Lobe (O)

The frontal lobe mainly controls the motor functions (skeletal muscle movements), eye movements, motivation & behavior etc.

The Parietal lobe mainly controls the sensory perception.

The temporal lobe controls our memory, emotional aspects of thinking etc.

The Cerebellum is an important coordinator of our body & limb movements.

The brainstem gives rise to most of the cranial nerves. It also controls vital centers like breathing, sleep & awake cycles etc.

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