List of Neurology Associations

A list of some famous Neurology Associations in the world.

A Neurologist is generally familiar with these administrative organizations however general public and patients are not necessarily always familiar. So I thought of preparing this list and displaying it here. This list is not complete yet, my aim is to add more & more organizations and make it more complete.

These Neurology Associations may not themselves directly deal with the management of the patients with Disorders of the Nervous System however they possess an authoritative supervisory or executive role over the medical staff & health care facilities and they work in alliance with the corresponding government health departments.

The List

American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN)

2150 E. Lake Cook Road
Suite 900, Buffalo Grove
IL 60089
Phone: 847.229.6500
Fax: 847.229.6600

American Academy of Neurology (AAN)

1080 Montreal Avenue
Saint Paul, MN 55116
Tel: (800) 879-1960
(651) 695-2717
Fax: (651) 695-2791

American Neurological Association (ANA)

5841 Cedar Lake Road
Suite 204
MN 55416 USA
Phone: 952-545-6284
Fax: 952-545-6073

American Society of Neuroimaging

5841 Cedar Lake Road
Suite 204
Minneapolis, MN, 55416
Phone: 952-545-6291
Fax: 952-545-6073.

American Spinal Injury Association

2020 Peachtree Road, NW
GA 30309
Phone: 404.355.9772
Fax: 404.355.1826

American Epilepsy Society

American Epilepsy Society (AES)
342 North Main Street
West Hartford, CT 06117-2507
Phone: 860.586.7505
Fax: 860.586.7550

American Association of Neurological Surgeons

5550 Meadowbrook Drive
Rolling Meadows
Illinois 60008-3852
Phone 847.378.0500
888.566.AANS (2267)
Fax 847.378.0600

Child Neurology Society

CNS National Office
1000 W. County Road E
Suite 290
Saint Paul
Minnesota 55126
Ph 651.486.9447
Fx 651.486.9436

European Federation of Neurological Societies

Breite Gasse 4-8
1070 Vienna
+43 1 889 05 03

National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke

NIH Neurological Institute
P.O. Box 5801
Bethesda, MD 20824
Voice: (800) 352-9424
(301) 496-5751
TTY (301) 468-5981

The American Clinical Neurophysiology Society

One Regency Dr
PO Box 30
CT 06002
Phone: 860-243-3977
Fax: 860-286-0787

Indian Academy of Neurology

Dr Chandrashekr Meshram
Brain & Mind Institute
B-11, Neeti Gaurav Complex
Nagpur, 440010

Neurological Society of India

Professor of Neurosurgery
B/13, II Floor
New Delhi 110012

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